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Whisky review : Compass box Juveniles

Another time, another Compass Box. I honestly love their stuff, so please hire me guys if you read this (what…? Dreaming is not forbidden). Tasted this the first time in a french restaurant in Paris on a Compass Box special menu, with the presence of the mighty Chris Maybin.

Now tasting while eating is a bit different, you don’t gets the same notes as when trying the spirit alone, but I liked it quite much (and it was affordable) so I decided to get a bottle to get drunk on my own enjoy it on its own. I made some quick notes on it back at the restaurant, but I can’t get my hands on them anymore… I will edit the post to add them if I find them back, it should be interesting to read the difference.

Now Chris informed me that this is a blend of mostly Clynelish and Glen Elgin. After a bit of dwelling online, the Clynelish is apparently a vatting of three casks matured 9 years on average, which compose 90% of the whisky. The Glen Elgin is apparently 15 years old. Take these information with care, I’m not sure of them.

This is one of the two whisky that I brought to my boat trip in June (that’s why the pictures are more beautiful than usual !), the other one being the Ardbeg Perpetuum (review coming “soon” !).

Let’s try that.

Compass Box - Juveniles

Name: Juveniles
Distillery: Clynelish and Glen Elgin
Bottler: Compass Box
Region: Highlands (Clynelish) and Speyside (Glen Elgin)
Type: Blended malt
Age: Apparently (?) 9 for the Clynelish, 15 for the Glen Elgin
ABV: 46%
Bottle size: 700mL

Colour: Light straw

Nose: Instantly fruity, with acid juicy apples, peaches and pears. There is also a gourmand side with salted caramel butter and toffee. All is very well integrated with spices (cinnamon), licorice and a point of vanilla. Rather a fresh nose. Going back to the nose after the tasting permits me to identify the mint found on the end of the palate.

Palate: Rich mouth dominated by toffee, salted caramel butter and vanilla. Here the gourmand side is on the front compared to the nose. The longer you keep it in your mouth, the spicier it gets with cinnamon, pepper and cloves. You of course also gets a lots of fruits that the label correctly qualify as orchard, and I comply. Who am I to contradict what's on the label ? ;-) Nevertheless, the fruits side is probably the influence of Clynelish with pears, peaches and apples (as in the nose). Please note that this may be the influence of Glen Elgin too... I've never tasted any of their malt, and coming from Speyside it wouldn't be weird. Anyway, there is a bitterness that appears in the end (think lemon and and orange peel), with some fresh mint in the background.

Finish: Wasn't expecting this, but it's actually quite long, mind you. Bitter (with lime zest), spiced (with black pepper and cloves) and fresh (mint).

Overall: Warning. While drinking this, you might get the impression of eating a well made spiced fruits salad. Don't go see the doctor, it's normal. This is a nice pleasant summer dram with a nice bouquet of fresh fruits. Balanced, while maintaining a nice level of complexity for it's age. Juvenile indeed ! A bit of an unlike dram. Recommend.

Rating: 88 / 100

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