Whisky Advent Calendar day 24 : Douglas Laing - Invergordon 50 years old (1964, cask 2)

Whisky Advent Calendar day 24 : Douglas Laing – Invergordon 50 years old (1964, cask 2)

And here we are, the last of the last days of this Whisky Advent Calendar.

I know, three days late but with all the drinking and feasting, I wanted to be in perfect condition for the final tasting.

The calendar proved both a pleasing experience, thanks to the myriad of awesome drams and good discoveries, and a challenging one to keep the rhythm of drinking, describing and posting some tasting notes of each daily expressions since the first of December.

And of course the best has been kept for today, December the 24th, in the form of a 50 years old single grain from the Invergordon distillery, bottled by Douglas Laing as a part of their “Xtra Old Particular” range.

This sounds promising !

PS : I know, all the samples are not on the picture… Santa Claus used some to pour a bit of his own bottles as a present to a few people :-)

Whisky Advent Calendar day 24 : Douglas Laing - Invergordon 50 years old (1964, cask 2)

Name: Xtra old Particular - Invergordon 50 years old (1964, cask 2)
Owner: Whyte and Mackay Ltd
Distillery: Invergordon
Bottler: Douglas Laing & Co
Region: Highlands
Type: Single Grain Scotch Whisky
Age: 50 years old
Cask number: 2
ABV: 43%
Bottle size: 3cl

Colour: Bronze

Nose: Epitome of elegance and subtlety. Start on awesome baked apples topped with some salted butter caramel. Behind that we get some old library / book scent, followed by a load of grapes (makes me think of some cognac), molasse (makes me think of rum ;-), pineapples and mango. The background is made of leather and polished wood. Oh so complex.

Palate: Rich and elegant. Starts on a load of sweet and juicy fruits (apples, pomegranate, peaches, grapes again) and some tarte tatin. There is some darker notes behind : molasses again, burned caramel, leather and a little tiny bit of cloves. This is excellent, very balanced, complex and complete. More fruits now with orange marmalade and a point of lemon juice. This is so good. One last mouthful to have, I'm stopping the notes here !

Finish: Medium / long on grapes, peaches, leather and dark (very dark) chocolate at the end.

Overall: What's a better way to finish this calendar seriously ? This is a marvelous whisky, I wish I had more to enjoy and I also wish I tasted this blind to prove to people that it's not the label talking.

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