Whisky Advent Calendar day 22 : Teeling Small Batch

Whisky Advent Calendar day 22 : Teeling Small Batch

Day 22. The end is near.

And here I was three days ago at a local cave asking the vendor if this was any good, and hesitating on buying one bottle.

Well I’ll be able to judge by myself now :-)

Name: Teeling Small Batch Irish Whiskey
Owner: Teeling Whiskey Company
Distillery: Teeling
Region: Dublin, Ireland
Cask: Partially in rum casks
ABV: 46%
Bottle size: 3cl

Colour: Straw

Nose: Sweet and spicy. It actually seems quite powerful. It starts on a load of tropical fruits (pineapples, bananas) backed up by some sweet barley and pepper. Then some vanilla, toffee and litchi appears and finally, after some time, crunchy apples and peaches.

Palate: Creamier than I expected. Begins with green bananas with some nice ginger and pepper behind. Quite punchy yet seems balanced. More vanilla, then licorice and more fruits : lemons, oranges, peaches and pineapples.

Finish: Medium length and mouth warming on white pepper and lemon peel.

Overall: Quite nice. I don't get how I tend to prefer the nosing in my recent tasting though :-( I hope that doesn't become a general scenario. Well that does sounds quite negative, but don't get me wrong, I liked it either way and I won't hesitate to get one bottle (especially since it's reasonably priced). The palate could have been a bit more complex though.

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