Whisky Advent Calendar day 18 - The Girvan Patent Still Proof Strength

Whisky Advent Calendar day 18 : The Girvan Patent Still Proof Strength

Day…. 18th.

Alright, I know, mea culpa and all that : I’m late.

I’ve gone out last night and tasted some awesome cocktails, tequilas, mezcals and vodkas at the “Experimental Cocktail Club” Paris. No need to say I did not have any palate left after all that, especially after that awesome mezcal.

Well that being said, today we have a dram from the Girvan grain distillery, made using a patent still (also known as Coffey still, the name of its creator).

I tasted some of their expression at a previous Whisky Live Paris, and I was quite impressed, by both the taste and the price (but it was quite old expression to be fair).

I’m sure this one was not one of them though, so total discovery ahead.

Whisky Advent Calendar day 18 - The Girvan Patent Still Proof Strength

Name: The Girvan Patent Still Proof Strength
Owner: William Grant & Sons Ltd
Distillery: Girvan
Region: Lowlands
Type: Single Grain Scotch Whisky
ABV: 57.1%
Bottle size: 3cl

Colour: Pale white wine

Nose: Sweet & spicy. Well that is indeed grain whisky, the nose doesn't lie. It starts on a rich tide of sweet cereals notes with quite a spicy after-kick delivered by black pepper. Then, we get almonds, bananas, sawdust, dry flowers and a touch of vanilla toffee. Very nice and subtle. Water makes it more elegant.

Palate: Woah this is very powerful. The black pepper and some piment d'espelette takes the main part of the palate. Then there is almonds, ripe bananas, lemon and lemon peel, cereals and frangipane. Extremely complex, but with this power we're gonna need water. With water : Sweeter and much more accessible. This is delicious and I do no pull-out my comment on the complexity. The pepper calms down (but not too much) and the other notes are enhanced by it.

Finish: Very long on spicy almonds, pepper and banana.

Overall: Damn this is delicious. Exquisite. Very high complexity, a mix between sweetness and spices that is near perfection (after water has been added ;-), and this time I find the price not that high for this kind of quality.

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