Bullion - Caroni 1997

Rum Review : Caroni 1997 (Bullion)

Found this baby at Julhès Paris shop a bit before french father’s day. Hesitated a bit with a Papalin (blend of Caroni and something else) that I managed to try (the vendor had a opened bottle and was nice enough to let me try). The blend was a sweeter and probably more to my father’s taste but well…. I myself prefer dryer ones, so I bought him the Bullion ;-)

Bullion - Caroni 1997

Name: Rum de Trinidad
Owner: State of Trinidad
Distillery: Caroni
Bottler: Bullion
Region: Trinidad
Age: The bottle hasn't been on shelves for long, so I would venture to say at least 15 years.
ABV: 40%
Bottle size: 700ml

Colour: Dark copper

Nose: Immediately on dark honey. Lot of spices and young leather with shoe wax. Hmmm.... trying to put a name on the spices... this looks like cloves. There is a strong smell lingering, is that the so called petrol notes of Caroni ? Nevertheless, caramelized tropical fruits (in particular pineapple) are very well integrated .With water, the oil sharp edge seems to go away and it brings out honey and juicer / fresher tropical fruits. Girlfriend comment : "it smells like apple cake".

Palate: Quite powerful despite this being only 40%. This is definitely Caroni style, can't fake this. My... this is quite delicious ! The oil is dominant. Strong tropical fruits (that are not caramelized anymore) follows suite, particularly mango and pineapple. Lots lots lots of spices, again with cloves among others. A little bit of water calms the show down and bring fruits to the front side instead of the oil.

Finish: Short / medium on oil, honey and spices. Rather more short than medium.

Overall: Again, as I said above, this is definitely Caroni style and it doesn't disappoint. The bad point of this dram would be the finish which isn't on par with the rest, but it's still good and well... at only 40% and this price range (~45€), this is a pretty good offer honestly. I might even say that I find the mouth to be a tad more complex that the official 12 years old, but more difficult because much more discrete. All in all, this is a good value and very nice bottle to discover Caroni style. If you're incommoded by the oil notes, put just a FEW drops of water (or you'll drown it).

Rating: 87 / 100

Food pairing suggestion: Hmm... this is a light dram, better drink it on its own or it might get drowned.

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