Johnnie Walker Green Label

Johnnie Walker Green Label – 15 years old

Johnnie Walker Green Label is back! This blended malt was apparently discontinued globally in 2012, before reappearing at the start of the year.

I had the occasion to taste it during the opening event of the first ever “The Whisky Shop” in France, Paris. It is the exclusive distributor in the french mainland of this expression for a few month. I have to say I was quite appealed and surprised by it, to the extent of obtaining a bottle for myself ;-)

The single malts that form this blend are :

  • Talisker: “The Power”
  • Linkwood: “The Finesse”
  • Cragganmore: “The Heart”
  • Caol Ila: “The Mystery”

Let’s get to it!

Johnnie Walker Green Label - Full bottle shot

Name: Green Label
Owner: Diageo
Distillery: Talisker / Cragganmore / Linkwood / Caol Ila
Bottler: Johnnie Walker & Sons
Type: Blended Malt Scotch Whisky
Age: 15
ABV: 43%
Bottle size: 70cl

Colour: Amber

Nose: Rich, medium powered, quite round. The opening seems quite fresh, despite that rich juicy fruitiness that takes hold of your nose: apples, pears, greengage plums... The freshness is brought by a veil of peat, subtle and floral that provides minty flavors, lemon grass, violets and some rapeseed giving off a honeyed side. On the spice front, a point of cinnamon enhance the already nice fruits. Very beautiful nose. Complex, fine and balanced. The second nose is spicier.

Palate: Medium powered. The beginning is round and opens up on a flock of fresh fruits: apples, pears, white peaches... The palate then go through a variation towards citrus fruits (lemon, orange, grapefruit) that convey a beautiful bitterness growing towards the end palate. Parallel to that, the beautiful peat of the nose turns up again, bringing with it some nice and fresh floral notes: light mint, cypress, moss, pine tree... Like the nose, this is a beautiful palate: subtle, complex and balanced.

Finish: Medium / long on candied fruits, citrus fruit bitterness and a fine pine needle smoke.

Overall: Very beautiful, really. What we have here is a very good value blend, and a whisky that could be a nice introduction to peat. It reminds me of Nikka's "Pure Malt White" (that I like quite much): fresh, light peat, juicy fruits, nice complexity, balance, subtlety... really beautiful. Good job Johnnie Walker!

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