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An unofficial native manager for the Parrot Zik headphones range (1 / 2.0 / 3).

Features supported (and supported headphones versions in brackets) :

  • Noise control ON / OFF (Zik 1 / 2.0 / 3)
  • Noise Cancelling / Street Mode advanced mode (Zik 2.0 / 3)
  • Auto Noise Control (Zik 3)
  • Spatialization / Concert Hall (Zik 1 / 2.0 / 3).
  • Equalization / Thumb equalizer (Zik 2.0 / 3).
  • “Head detection” and “Auto connection” ON / OFF (Zik 1 / 2.0 / 3).
  • “Flight mode” and “Text to Speech” ON / OFF (Zik 2.0 / 3).
  • Demo mode to test the application without possessing the headphone.

Please note that the Zik 1 support is very limited.

Quick FAQ :

  1. Why does the app does not look the same as in the screenshot ?

    The app automatically switch layout when resized. Please resize the app in a “landscape” ratio to have the same results as the screenshot.

  2. Why does the app does not seems to have the same features as the screenshot ?

    If you have a Zik 2.0 or 3, the app will have all (or nearly all) features announced.
    HOWEVER if you have a Zik 1, as specified in the features above, only a few things are supported. Furthermore, there is no landscape mode for the Zik 1.

For more info on the Parrot Zik headphones please see the official products page.

Supported operating systems : Linux / Sailfish OS / OSX

App Store

Zik Manager v1.3.0 GNU/Linux 64 bits
Zik Manager v1.3.0 GNU/Linux 32 bits

Linux instructions : Uncompress the archive, connect the headphones via bluetooth, and run zik_manager.sh !

Landscape mode

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